Bodil Abild Jespersen: What can you expect from the course? What do we expect from you?

Staffan Lundström: Introduction to palliative care research

Dagny Faksvåg Haugen: What is meant by course project?

Dagny Faksvåg Haugen: How to read an article and keep yourself updated

Dagny Faksvåg Haugen: How to plan your project and write a project description

Morten Thronæs: Study design

Elisabeth Brenne: Depression and anxiety – significance, assessment and treatments

Eva Gravdahl: Symptom assessment

Katrine Aronsen: Literature searches

Inga Marie Røyset: Symptom assessment in the cognitively impaired

Morten Thronæs: Introduction to oncological treatment modalities in palliative care

Tora Skeidsvoll Solheim: Cancer cachexia – short overview

Lars Ursin: Research ethics

Aslak Steinsbekk: Qualitative research methods

A detailed introduction to PubMed


Malign obstruksjon av gastrointestintaltraktus -kapitel 43

Published review -Clinically significant drug -drug interactions involving medication… -JPSM

Review -Clinically significant drug–drug interactions… DDDT-86983

Review -How to manage patients with corticosteroids in oncology in the era of immunotherapy




Group Work

Groups 1-7

Group 1 Monday 22 November

Group 1 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challanges

Group 1 Tuesday Delirium

Group 1 Groupwork Thursday Oncology


Group 2 Monday 22 November

Group 2 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 2 Tuesday Delirium

Group 2 Thursday Oncology


Group 3 Monday 22 November

Group 3 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 3 Tuesday Delirium

Group 3 Groupwork Thursday Oncology


Group 4 Monday 22 November

Group 4 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 4 Tuesday Delirium

Group 4 Groupwork Thursday Oncology


Group 5 Monday 22 November

Group 5 Tuesday Delirium

Group 5 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 5 Groupwork Thursday Oncology


Group 6 Monday 22 November

Group 6 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 6 Tuesday Delirium

Group 6 Groupwork Thursday Oncology


Group 7 Monday 22 November

Group 7 Tuesday Resistant Delirium;

Group 7 Tuesday Gastrointestinal challenges

Group 7 Groupwork Thursday Oncology