PPT’s from Module 1 in Trondheim will be published here during the module:

Jon Håvard Loge: Depression – significance, assessment and treatments

Erik Torbjørn Løhre: Delirium in palliative medicine – sorting out the confusion?

Erik Torbjørn Løhre: Experiences from a previous project – a literature review

Bodil Abild Jespersen: What can you expect from the course – what do we expect from you?

Staffan Lundström: Palliative care research – an introduction

Staffan Lundström: The course project

Katrine Aronsen: Literature searches

Gunnar Qvigstad: Palliative gastrointestinal endoscopic interventions

Morten Thronæs: Study design

Morten Thronæs: How to plan your project

Morten Thronæs: Introduction to oncological treatment

Pål Klepstad: How to read a scientific paper

Lars Ursin: Ethics in palliative care research

Aslak Steinsbekk: Qualitative research methods

Tora Solheim: Cachexia – an introduction

Inga Marie Røyset: Symptom assessment in patients with cognitive impairment

Turku Module 2 presentation


High res versions of all PPT’s


Symptom assessment tools


Group work and case discussions