Information about the course


Course secretariat:Nordic Specialist Course in Palliative Medicine
Secretary Ragnhild Green Helgås
The Cancer Clinic
St. Olavs Hospital,
3 etg. Bevegelsessenteret Øst
N-7006 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 72826146

Economy of the course:
Secretary Johanne Mosdal
Economy Department
Den Danske Lægeforening
Kristianiagade 12
DK-2100 København Ø
Tlf. +45 3544 8403

Entry requirements and selection of participants
The course is planned for a total of 36 students. The distribution between the countries has not been decided yet but will be decided by the steering group when the total number of applicants and the recommendations of the national associations are known.
Applicants should have completed specialist training in a recognized medical specialty and possess knowledge and skills corresponding to level B of the palliative medicine curriculum.
The national associations will consider and nominate students among the applicants from their respective countries. When making the final selection between qualified applicants, geographical considerations as well as each applicant’s role or coming role in the development of palliative care in his/her country will be taken into account. The Steering Committee makes the final selection and applicants will be noticed in the beginning of May 2013.

The fee for each of the six course modules will be of Euro 670 (total course fee: Euro 4020).
A deposit of Euro 670 should be effected no later than 30 days after the notification of a successful application, and each module should be paid in advance.
Additional costs for travel and accommodation must be added.
Every student is responsible for funding his/her course expenses. At the time of application, the student should ideally have obtained permission and provided evidence of guaranteed payment of the course costs, or be able to adequately demonstrate how he/she will finance the course.

Duration and organisation of training
The duration of specialist training in Palliative Medicine is suggested to be 2 years, including the 6 modules of the Nordic Specialist Course in Palliative Medicine and clinical training. The duration of clinical training will differ between the Nordic countries, but will include work in specialist palliative care units or teams where the full range of services is provided in different settings, e.g. in-patient care, day care, home care, bereavement services. The program to which the student is appointed will have named consultant trainers (educational supervisors) for each element of the program.

Research project
A limited research project is included in the course. Each student will get a national tutor to assist with his or her project. The project may be quantitative or qualitative, in the form of a survey, an audit, development of clinical guidelines, or conducting a systematic review. The task will be introduced in the first module and attended to in every module, with special emphasis in module 4 and presentation of projects in module 6. Students who already have an
ongoing project may use this, provided it is their own work (not more than two candidates working together).

An assignment will be given at the end of each module and must be handed in, at the latest, 4 weeks after each course.
The assignments will be graded: Pass/Not pass.
A final evaluation of each participant and exam will be performed at the end of the course.
Participants will receive a written proof (diploma) that they have passed the course.
To obtain this document, all assignments including the project must be passed, and the participants must have been present at at least 90% of the course.

Course evaluation
Each module will be consecutively evaluated by the students and the Steering Committee.
A final evaluation will be performed at the end of the course.